Your Corporate Identity is the visual manifestation of your business. It is more than just a logo, it is the 'persona' of your brand and includes each and every piece of visual material related to your business.

A Corporate Identity establishes the visual 'rules' of your brand, making it a consistently recognisable entity with distinct personality. From billboards to delivery vans to emails and faxes - each and every item that your company uses is an ambassador for your brand.

Because your brand needs to be used by many different people who each have their own tastes and personalities, these rules ensure your brand is not accidentally corrupted - your Corporate Identity is the personality of the brand, not the personality of your secretary or your IT guy.

Our Corporate Identity Graphic Design and Development Service can include the following:

- Brand positioning and strategy
- Logo design
- Compilation of Brand Specification Manual (the rule book) for typefaces, image treatments, corporate colours

- Design of marketing material layouts (eg. business cards, vehicle branding, signage)
- Design and provision of various templates (eg. letterhead, complimentary slips, envelopes, stamps)

- Design and provision of various document templates (eg. MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel templates, fax coversheet, memo)
- Design and provision of various digital marketing templates (eg. Newsletter template, brochure templates)
- Design and provision of various digital stationery (eg. digital letterhead, email stationery)

  • Conceptualisation and Strategy
  • Offline Graphic Design
  • Online Web and Graphic Design