What we do - our process / approach

We advise our clients to run a common thread through all of their marketing efforts. This is where our skills and expertise at seeing the holistic picture of how their marketing and communication tools can be used to compliment each other are handy.

The individual marketing and communication items that are designed and rolled out should work together to create a bigger picture / message, but for the purposes of explaining what we do, we have broken our products and services into two main categories:

This includes the strategic conceptualisation, graphic design and layout of any tangible or physical communication and marketing materials for companies, products or events. We also manage the production of these printed materials for you, ensuring that the job is the best possible quality and delivered on time.

These offline materials can include call to actions that support normal business activities or can further support online activities.

This includes the strategic conceptualisation, design and layout of anything that is delivered via the internet. Our team of web designers and developers can help you develop an effective communication tool for the ever-changing online environment that compliments your offline marketing goals. Our web development and maintenance team also ensure your website reaches your target market through search engine optimisation (SEO) activities.

We also have a range of online products that can be purchased once off, or subscribed to on a monthly basis to support your online marketing activities.

  • Offline Graphic Design and Printing :
  • Online Web and Graphic Design and Communication :
    • Digital Media : Websites, Digital Presentations, Electronic Marketing, Electronic Invites, E-Newsletters, Interactive media, 2D Animations
    • Visibility : Search Engine Optimisation, Online Ad Campaigns