The most important social media plug-in, a 'Like' button, is a button that can be placed on your website - on one, many or all of the pages. This button is linked dynamically into Facebook (a social media network), but having a page or profile on Facebook is not a prerequisite to being able to install this button on your website and can be used as a stand-alone marketing tool.

The 'Like' button is a way a website visitor can give positive feedback, stamp their approval of your content and share it automatically with their network of friends and acquaintances.

When website visitors (Facebook members) click the 'Like' button on any of your website pages, a link to your page gets added to their Facebook activity stream. Their friends can see that link, click on it and be led directly to that page in your website.

When a friend of the original visitor arrives at the page, the 'Like' button is personalized for them and shows which of their friends have already clicked it. When they click on the 'Like' button, a link to your page gets added to their activity stream extending the distribution and popularity of the page further out into their network group.

This viral marketing tool results in brand awareness and increased traffic to your website on an ongoing basis, at no extra effort or cost to yourself!

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The button can be placed anywhere in your website page:

  • 'Like' Button